Clean Up Your Act…

YOU should be able to find any item you need to get your work done, and you should be able to do it relatively quickly. So when I ask you for your progress notes, why can’t they be faxed over on the same day? What about when an insurance company asks you for your notes? Can you turn around and send them back? Especially if you know that you are not going to be paid until you do. Well in my mind there are only two reasons why you are not responding to such a request:

1. You are a mess – you are disorganized and have files everywhere. ((You are probably not in HIPAA compliant either.)) OR

2. You didn’t do adequate progress notes. I mean MAYBE you wrote something down, some chicken scratch that included the patient’s name and the date of service, maybe even a one or two word sentence about the visit. But you just couldn’t be bothered with any more than that. You aren’t going to be paid for your time, so why should you? Or you just feel it isn’t necessary, the old school practitioners weren’t required to write things down, hell maybe the old guys couldn’t read or write, right?

The bottom line is it’s really all about excuses. Why you can’t be organized? EVERYONE can be organized, some more than others, but it can be done. Truth be told in both situations you are just plain lazy. I can’t stand lazy. Pick another occupation if you want to be lazy, like…. Well I just can’t think of a job that requires lazy…

If this is you, how did you get here? Have you always been a mess? Well if that’s the case, keep it at home, NOBODY has to know. Your work environment is a reflection of your inner self, so it’s a good reason to be neat. And if you aren’t writing notes, ask yourself WHY? Usually you’ve been in practice a while, you were a cash provider and nobody really ever asked for them. Well times are achangin. And even if you give a super bill you MUST MUST MUST document what you did. So start now.

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