LEARNING CAN make you happy AND make you more money…

You’re out of school – finally. Now you can start the business of making a living. OR You right smack dab in the center of making a living – Why would either of you need to learn more? BECAUSE it’s absolutely required that to be as successful as you need to be you have to be constantly learning something new. Change as they say is inevitable. It just happens. NOW if you are not learning and growing you definitely are not changing. It’s called – “Getting BY.- Does that even sound successful?

Just out of school you don’t have the skills of the old pros, those guys that have seen and done it all, how do you get there? Well you can practice for 20 years, or you can take some classes BY those very same guys! How about the old farts that think they know it all. Well that is also a dangerous place to be, just because your medicine may be 100s to thousands of years old, there’s something called evolution that continuously takes place, right? And because of that if you aren’t learning and growing in a very real sense you too are taking a back seat to the young and the restless that want to learn more. Here’s a tool to what you should be learning:

Just out of school – Learn something OLD, from someone old. Yes, someone NOT in your demographic. Question them about the old school ways that things were done.

You guys who have been around the block awhile – GO listen to a YOUNG person, a really young person, so young you can’t imagine they’d have anything they could possibly teach you.

Guess what? You’ll both be surprised.

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