Has It Been THAT Long???

I guess I haven’t written in a while, well it isn’t because I don’t have much to say, because those that know me know I ALWAYS have something to say…

For providers across the country, I know people are really concerned about “Obamacare” and you know what I say, really what are you worried about? If you KNOW you are providing GREAT service, if you know you are giving patients what they need, no matter what laws are passed, etc. you are going to be okay. I think Obamacare IS going to be good for alternative practitioners because they provide great services at lower cost and with less issues.

What you guys have to worry about is getting on the train. Understanding that you are going to have to get on board with things you may not know about. EHR, ERA, EFT, or even ICD-10 or even CPT codes. OK, I said it, you’re going to have to go mainstream with other providers. Yes they use “codes” to describe what they do, but don’t you? OK, be a “cash only” provider, be a barefoot doctor, but you sure as hell aren’t going to see the amount of patients that someone who takes the time to find out how to be mainstream. Cash providers make a big deal about giving their patients a super bill, but don’t know what codes mean or the fact that ALL benefits are diagnosis specific. So they give their patient’s false hope- here is a super bill that you can turn into your insurance company to get reimbursed – but guess what happens? They DON’T get reimbursed! Because you don’t know what you are doing. Growlllll..

I haven’t written for a while, but my ideals haven’t changed one bit just because I’VE BEEN BUSY! Have you? You need to know what you are doing, or don’t bother. Enough said.

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