Hardworking Employees- Be Grateful for them…

When I post here it’s obviously about insurance issues. Not this time, this time I want to write about my company, and about yesterday. You see yesterday was National Medical Biller’s Day, but here it was just another day as usual. I want to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of everyone who works here with me. They make getting here in the morning a pleasure and being here special. At a recent weekly meeting we were talking about how our company is growing and one of the billing reps said “There’s a vibe here Mori we’ve got to make sure we never lose that vibe!” Every one of us INSTANTLY knew what she meant.

At our office we have six billing representatives, medical billing is their career choice and they all went to school for this profession, they interned here for free for a month for the privilege of hopefully being hired. They work to bring in revenue for our clients and they take their job seriously. All started out not billing but doing aging, moved to verification and finally became billing representatives handling client’s claims and issues. Because of their training they can do any position here and pitch in when needed. Anything I’ve asked them to do, they get the job done, and I am honored to work beside these hardworking individuals.

We have a verification specialist whose job is to call and check on benefits for our clients. He is young, came with a few years’ experience and also considers medical billing his career. In the future he will work his way up to be a billing rep. He is nice and polite says things like, “Thank you Ma’am” to insurance reps that have probably never heard the words before. At first I wanted to train him to stop that because it takes too much time. But I realized just like everyone else who works here, he taught ME a better way to do things- polite is always right.

We have a computer programmer on staff that programs our proprietary software and handles all IT computer related issues. He does things he wouldn’t have to do if he worked at a tech company; he sets up printers, installs software as well as creating our systems that set our company apart from typical services our size. He’d make more money at a tech company but he stays because he knows his skills have changed this company, his programming has immediate use and I think he really likes being part of this team.

Our newest member got her bachelors degree last year in communications and I don’t think then she imagined she’d be working here. She is our Aging Specialist. It was amazing how she fit right in, literally from day one; she’s sped up our processes and works hand in hand with the reps. I tried to figure out why as we’ve grown the hiring seems more seamless, because sadly in the beginning of growing this company a lot of people didn’t make the cut. I realize now that hiring is an art, and one I will constantly be learning, however I don’t take the credit for how well we function together. I truly believe it is because of the culture we’ve created. This organization is made up of the people who work extremely hard, help each other out and aren’t afraid of innovation and together we have a vision for what we want this place to be. I’m not perfect and we all make mistakes but it’s easy to see we’ve created a place where we all want the same things. We want to do the best job we can for our clients and we all believe what we do makes a difference.

So Medical Biller’s Day came and went… But I know it really isn’t about a day, to me it’s about the people who work here, and it’s about the culture we’ve created, it’s about providing stellar service and feeling we make a difference to our clients. I am grateful to work alongside employees I consider true professionals, we’re going to make sure we “never lose that vibe we’ve got going here”, that’s going to last a lot longer than just a single day.

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