Do You Want Advice OR Do You Want Me Just To Agree With YOU?

When people ask for advice they don’t ask – WHICH software should I get, it’s more like should I get THIS software or THAT software? Now the truth is – they’ve already decided – they just want someone to agree with them. Let me explain:

If you are asking ME a question, I’m thinking you WANT MY opinion. YET, when I tell you, a. you should spend more money and get something that has MORE capabilities, b. you’re going to have to upgrade and it’s going to take time for you to learn new stuff … OMG – there is a MILLION reasons why you can’t do that. REALLY… the cheap version is the better for you (in YOUR opinion- the SAME opinion you had BEFORE you asked me! OR – the easy version is better for you – (the ONE you won’t have to actually learn anything NEW to use.) You’ll talk and talk before I give up and say, yeah – you know that really cheap, crappy software sounds like that’s really what YOU need! OR, yeah, you know you can just keep using what you have because it’s working for you. Do I believe this: HECK NO! But I tried to explain WHAT I know, you really just wanted validation, and if that’s what you what well that’s what you’ll get.

I am going to be FRANK – Being successful, making more money requires ALWAYS being open to change. It’s not the easy road, I know. As I get older I find it’s hard to embrace learning a new software, a new way of doing things. I also don’t like to spend more money. BUT I’ve also found new technology makes things EASIER so ultimately it’s worth the time to learn a new way to do things, and with technology I know to stay current you have to spend money. If you ask me – I’ll tell you what I think, but if you fight me, and give me excuses as to why what I suggest won’t work for you, I’ll be just like most people and tell you what you want to hear. – It’s obvious you just want me to agree with you, and it sure is easier to be agreeable with someone who doesn’t want to change.

So – if you ask me – Should I spend the money to upgrade – YES, you probably should. Am I going to have to LEARN new things and do things differently than I am right now- YES you are. OH – but things are kind of working the way they are? AND you found a cheaper way to do things that doesn’t require you being uncomfortable – AHHHH, yeah, that sounds fine FOR YOU. It would just NEVER work for me!

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