Win/Win – But I don’t want Win Win – I want WIN!

Why am I writing about Negotiation? Because I feel understanding negotiating and how it relates to business can make a difference in your practice and how you perceive your business. Because- if you have a practice you ARE in business. (I believe I might have said this before…:)

There are many times you will negotiate as a health care practitioner. For space, for associates, for materials, etc. Sometimes even cash patients will ask for “deals” or plead lack of finances for not being able to get treatment or follow a treatment plan. Frankly most of us HATE negotiating, we want to have a price and stick with it, we don’t want push back or get into what we view as confrontation. I was like that. BUT… – what if we thought about it differently? Just for a moment, what if the sticker price WAS in fact negotiable AND it could be a win/win for both parties? Been to the store lately? Seen something called BOGO (by one get one free) or the MANY variations- buy two get the third free? etc. Right now our economy is one where it is possible to negotiate for lots of things AND feel good about it in the process.

NOW, it all depends on your pricing. You really have to think about this, especially for cash pricing, and obviously you can’t do it for anything related to insurance. WHY? Because you aren’t giving the insurance company the chance to negotiate… But back to the cash realm- Start thinking about Win-Win when someone asks for something more. Think WHY do they want? What can you give or yield on? Think WIN WIN because in the end YOU really do win.

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